Legal Aid

Submission of AGFS claims within time

PUBLISHED June 3, 2013

Acceptable evidence to prove submission of a claim

Guidance is available on this website explaining acceptable evidence for advocates to prove they have submitted their claims within time.

The guidance covers the reports or screen prints advocates can provide to avoid claims being rejected for being submitted out of time.

We have looked at the computer systems advocates are using to identify the evidence you can produce.

This should help to avoid you being told there is no record of the claim being received when questioning non-payment of a claim.

See links below to look at the guidance.

How to receipt AGFS claims

We would also like to remind advocates that there is a process in place to allow you to receipt all AGFS claims.

When sending your claims remember to include a self-addressed envelope together with a list of all the AGFS submissions you are making on a given day.

We will then tick to acknowledge receipt of the claims listed and return this to you.

Providing this proof of receipt has been prompted by concerns that claims are either being lost in transit or after receipt leading to delays in payment.

Further information

Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme: 'Evidence requirements in support of outstanding AGFS claims'