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Street racers filmed doing up to 100mph on roads in Birmingham

PUBLISHED November 2, 2012

The clips recorded by West Midlands Police show up to 500 motorists gathering on the A47 near Star City before using the dual carriageway to race between roundabouts.

The cars could reach speeds of up to 100mph during the race.

In one clip recorded by police, a boy is seen dodging speeding drivers as he plays the part of 'race starter'.

The surveillance footage has enabled police to identify drivers and hand out driving bans and fines. Around 200 drivers have been banned and fined.

PC Paul Bieliauskas said: "Street racers have been making stretches of the A47 near Star City, roads in Bordesley Green and the A38 towards Bassetts Pole no-go roads on Sunday nights into the early hours.

"These are public roads, not private race circuits for drivers wanting an adrenalin rush - anyone who engages in this activity in the West Midlands needs to understand we will take action and ban them from getting behind the wheel."