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Statement on conviction of Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu

PUBLISHED March 1, 2012

Head of Complex Casework Unit at CPS London, Jenny Hopkins said: ?Throughout this case the Crown Prosecution Service has maintained that the evidence be viewed in its entirety. Eric Bikubi knew what he was doing. His actions were nothing short of torture and he inflicted on the victims violence on an unimaginable scale. His plea of diminished responsibility was unacceptable in view of the facts and the jury have agreed. ?It has also been proven that his accomplice, Magalie Bamu, acted of her own accord. At no time did she try to stop what was happening. She willingly subjected her 15 year old brother to extreme violence. The prosecution alleged she held the same long standing belief in witchcraft as her partner. ?I would like to thank the other victims of this horrific crime for their help in bringing a successful conclusion to this case and I hope that the conviction secured today can provide some comfort to Kristy?s parents and his siblings at this very difficult time.?