Practice and Procedure

R (on the application of FAISALTEX LTD & 6 ORS) (Claimants) v (1) PRESTON CROWN COURT (First defendant) (2) CHIEF CONSTABLE OF LANCASHIRE (Second defendant)(3) REVENUE & CUSTOMS (Interested party) (2008)

PUBLISHED November 21, 2008

[2008] EWHC 2832 (Admin)

A solicitor was not to be regarded as somehow tainted and unreliable because, for example, he acted for someone charged with or convicted of a criminal offence. A search warrant for solicitors' offices made under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Sch.1 was unlawful and would be quashed where there was no evidence that that use of a production order under para.4 of Sch.1 might seriously prejudice the investigation through the solicitors failing to comply with their statutory duty not to dispose of the relevant material.

DC (Keene LJ, Griffith Williams J)