Open letter from the LCCSA President to Mr Tony Cross QC

PUBLISHED June 18, 2015

Dear Tony
We understand from your press release this morning that the CBA executive is not in favour of supporting any action. As of course we are both aware it is a matter for individual solicitors/ firms and individual barristers as to whether they seek to protest against these reforms.
It is our understanding that the majority of your members who voted are in favour of action following your recent survey. Whilst I appreciate only a third of members voted you will recall that it was only a similar number who voted when you held a ballot as to whether to accept the deal in March 2014 and you felt then that you had a sufficient mandate to accept the deal. 
We have had contact from many barristers in favour of protest and working closely with solicitors. We no longer consider that the CBA Executive reflect the views of the majority of barristers and therefore we intend to liaise directly with those members of the bar who have expressed grave concerns and share similar views to our own.
We have previously made it clear to you and we wish to emphasise that our ballot is in relation to stopping the second cut, the duty contract scheme and the third cut which will follow in January if the duty contracts commence. Unless you know something we do not, the aforementioned process will be a disaster for us all.
It is unfortunate that you did not continue with the open dialogue we had put in place with the best interests of both sides of the profession in mind.
On behalf of both organisations we wish you well for the remainder of your term in office.
Best wishes 
Bill and Jon