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New Crime eForm ? CRM14

PUBLISHED February 28, 2013

Criminal providers in ?early adopter area? get chance to try out new eForm

From 1 April, as part of our commitment to a digital justice system, providers operating in the early adopter area can choose to use a new eForm ? CRM14.

The eForm covers both the current CDS14 & 15 forms: 

? CDS14 ? the application form completed by defendants who want to apply for legal aid in criminal proceedings
? CDS15 ? the financial statement sometimes required to support the CRM14 form.

Early adopter area and national roll-out

The eForm will be phased in so that we learn lessons and minimise any impacts on you. 

Initially, its use will be limited to crime providers conducting legal aid work in the following nine ?early adopter area? magistrates? courts:


? Berwick
? Mid & SE Northumberland (Bedlington)
? North Tyneside
? Newcastle
? Gateshead
? South Tyneside
? Sunderland

West Yorkshire:

? Leeds
? Bradford

We aim to roll out the eForm nationally ? on a voluntary basis ? this Summer. 


The eForm lets you start casework with a greater degree of confidence that legal aid (or pre-order cover) will be granted.  It allows you to submit your application, get a date stamp or check your client?s benefits status at the earliest opportunity.

The eForm reduces the number of rejected claims and resubmissions.  It is designed so that you only need to complete the relevant sections with your client and cannot be submitted if crucial information is missing.

We want to make it easy for you to use the system ? we?re using LSC Online technology that?s familiar to you. 

And if we require clarification, you?ll quickly receive a notification message online.

What?s voluntary and what?s mandatory

This is an entirely voluntary project - we recognise that it may not always be possible or practical for providers in the early adopter area to use the new eForm. 

We will still accept paper applications after 1 April in the early adopter area and other parts of the country should continue to use the paper versions. 

 Don?t confuse this project with the CDS4 & 5 eForms which become mandatory nationally from 1 April 2013. 

? CDS4 - Prior Authority to Incur Disbursements in Criminal Cases
? CDS5 - Application for Extension of Upper Limit

Additional information

Crime providers operating in the early adopter area will shortly receive an email inviting them to briefing workshops in mid March.

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