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Ministry of Justice – fourth statement of new regulation

PUBLISHED June 17, 2012

The Government has today published its fourth Statement of New Regulation (SNR4). This provides an overview of regulations intended to be implemented by Government departments between July and December 2012 and reports on the  application of the One-in, One-out (OIOO) Rule to new domestic regulation. 

In keeping with the Government?s objective to reduce regulation, the Ministry of Justice will not be introducing any regulatory measures during the SNR4 period. This means we have no measures for inclusion in SNR4, and so no measures within scope of the OIOO Rule during the SNR4 period.

As a result, the Ministry?s opening OIOO balance at 1 July 2012 is zero, the closing balance at the end of December 2012 is expected to be zero, and the overall aggregate overview (covering SNR1 to SNR4) is also zero.

The Better Regulation Executive at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, who lead on the better regulation agenda across Government, have published a cross-Whitehall narrative and a summary of the OIOO position by department.

Operating a 'one in, one out' rule for regulation