Legal Aid

Litigator fee claims for travel costs

PUBLISHED February 11, 2014

Travel costs as part of a claim under LGFS

Travel rates for claims under the Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme should be claimed for at public transport rates ? currently 25p per mile.
This is unless there are specific reasons for each journey made which would justify using private transport.
If you are claiming for private transport rates, you must provide justification for each journey made when you submit your claim.


Where the above applies, please provide as much information as possible in section three of the LF1 claim forms.

This includes the date of travel, the destination and the reason for travel.
If you are travelling to visit your client you must justify why these expenses should be paid when a local provider would not incur them.

Tickets and receipts

For public travel costs of more than £20, please provide copies of all tickets and/or receipts. 

When assessing travel costs and whether the fees being claimed are reasonable, we will apply the guidance set out in the Criminal Bills Assessment Manual. 
In instances where insufficient justification has been provided, travel will be allowed at public transport rates.

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