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Guidance on Litigator Fee claims

PUBLISHED July 5, 2012

05 July 2012

Useful information to consider when submitting your Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS) claims

We have to reject approximately 4,500 LGFS claims each year as a result of problems with the claim. 

This is  leads to unnecessary delay, but reasons for rejection are often easily avoidable.  Five reasons for rejecting your LF1 claim are:

Using the wrong version of the LF1 form.

  • Please make sure you use version 8 of the LF1 form which is available from our website

Not providing all the relevant documentation with your claim.

  • Include all relevant documents with your claim, e.g. Representation Order, Indictment, evidence of PPE and, if applicable, prior authority and invoices.
  • All invoices submitted to support expert disbursements must be actual invoices., quotes or estimates work will not be accepted. 

Submitting your claim out of time.

  • The time limit for submitting an LF1 is within 3 months after the last hearing date. With regards to requests for redetermination (LF2's), article 29 (3) (a) of the order states that a request for redetermination must be made in writing 'within 21 days of the receipt of the fees payable'. Please refer to the article on the CDS news page
  • An extension of the 3 month time limit may be requested before the 3 months has lapsed.

Not completing the Crown Court Case number in section 1 on the LF1.

  • Make sure you have the Crown Court Case number (given to you whilst you are at court).
  • Also ensure the correct MAAT number for each defendant is completed (this can be found on the Representation Order).

Missing information such as the final trial date (section 3) and the number of instructed advocates (section 1).

  • Please ensure to complete all sections of the LF1 form fully.
  • When submitting an LF2 form please ensure you submit the original LF1 bundle. This will help us in the redetermination of your claim.

Requests for additional information

The LSC has agreed with HMCTS that all requests for additional information will be done through our LF4 forms.

As a result, HMCTS will not provide any information to any party (LSC, Advocate or Litigator) over the phone, as this limits the capacity of HMCTS to allocate staff in the most efficient way. 

Queries from litigators to HMCTS to verify details/provide extra information in support of a claim have resulted in an increased workload for the courts. In future Courts will only respond to queries in the manner outlined.

Further information