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Donate towards the cost of Judicial Review

PUBLISHED March 31, 2014

The Association has received positive advice today from Counsel in conference with regard to challenging the MOJs response to the consultation by way of Judicial Review.  A letter before action will be sent by the end of the week.
[box style="info"]The action will be taken in the name of the LCCSA and CLSA and the officers of both organisations therefore become personally liable for costs should we lose.   We are therefore asking Firms and individual members to donate to a fighting fund.   We suggest £250 per firm and a suggestion was made today by a member that individuals might like to make a personal contribution of £25 each.  Of course we do not put a limit on your generosity so please pay more if you can.  Please also ask for contributions from any contacts you have outwith criminal firms. [/box]
[box style="info"]If you prefer, you can pay by transfer (our bank details are NatWest, Sort Code 60-50-01, Acct 01172298 - please quote the reference "Judicial Review"), or you can send cheques to our administrator: Mrs. Sandra Dawson, LCCSA Administrator, PO Box 6314, London, N1 0DL.[/box]
It is the rule of law that is being attacked here, which affects all lawyers.   Proceedings will not be issued until we have sufficient funds to defray officers personal risk.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.