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Apply to join the CPS Advocate Panel 2011

PUBLISHED May 18, 2011

Apply to join the CPS Advocate Panel 2011
The CPS has launched a new scheme for the delivery of prosecution services in court. All advocates undertaking prosecution work in the Crown Court (and Higher Courts) from October must be members of new, quality-controlled CPS Advocate Panels.
The panels are open to all barristers and solicitor advocates and panel members will complement and work alongside CPS in-house advocates. Although the overall number of advocates on the panels will be reduced compared to the current lists, selected advocates will have more opportunity to undertake prosecution work.
The panels will provide the CPS with quality-assured advocates who have been fairly assessed to ensure they are undertaking work that matches their level of ability, knowledge and experience. They will cover the full range of CPS Crown Court work across all Areas and casework divisions, including extradition, serious crime, proceeds of crime and fraud.
All current counsel lists will be abandoned when the panels commence on 1 October 2011. The regional panels, which will mirror the legal circuits, will operate for three years.
A free seminar was hosted by SAHCA on 4 May with CPS speakers on the process of applying. Course materials are available to download here.