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ACPO responds after figures show a record low in road deaths since records began

PUBLISHED June 28, 2013

"To achieve the lowest level of roads deaths since records began in 1926 is evidence of the collective success the police and our partners have had and shows that drivers may be changing their behaviour, and saving lives in the process."

"We all use the roads and the impact of what happens on them can either greatly enhance our lives, or destroy them. The strong messages we have sent out coupled with the enforcement action taken against drink and drug driving and other campaign work is getting through to drivers.

"But we are not going to become complacent and there are a number of factors which can influence the figures.

"The introduction of on-the-spot penalties for careless driving, along with advances in technology and with the effort of all officers on the front line, it is hoped we can continue to contribute to saving even more lives in the future."