In the Media

ACPO comment on Interim Guidance for Media Relationships

PUBLISHED May 29, 2012

"A successful working relationship between the Police Service and the media is vital. Working with the media to engage the public - either to help solve crimes or

demonstrate police work - is now part of our everyday business in policing.

"The media has a significant role in holding policing to account and in informing the public about the work of the police service. There is an obligation on the police service to engage with the public, both to communicate what the police are trying to do strategically and, at an operational level, to engage the public in fighting crime, such as to make appeals for information and for the identification of suspects and witnesses.

"The Interim Guidance on Relationships with the Media published today aims to provide some 'common sense' principles that officers and staff can follow. It aims to encourage openness, promote best practice and ensure consistency across forces."