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ACPO comment on HMIC report Taking time for crime

PUBLISHED September 27, 2012

ACPO lead on futures Chief Constable Alex Marshall said:

"The police service has faced some of the biggest challenges in recent years in terms of managing cuts and reforms while maintaining our role to protect the public we serve.

"We agree with HMIC that the basic mission of policing is preventing crime and protecting the public.

"What this HMIC snapshot highlights is the complexity and breadth of the role of policing. Policing is a service that operates 24-hours and steps in to respond when other agencies are not available and as a consequence the work we do is often beyond our basic mission.

"We welcome the report's focus on the role of the independent, professional frontline officer which is the bedrock of British policing. The leadership of the service is committed to continue delivering reforms through the creation of the College of Policing. The college will make a difference in developing a body of knowledge and professional practice and will continue to enhance the professionalism of policing."