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ACPO comment on Cardiff University report anti-social behaviour

PUBLISHED April 4, 2013

ACPO lead on anti-social behaviour Deputy Chief Constable Simon Edens said:

"Cardiff University's report published today provides a 'snapshot' drawn from calls to police reporting anti-social behaviour over a four-week period in 2011. While it is not necessarily representative of the profile of calls over a longer period, it does provide useful insight on victims of anti-social behaviour and how their needs vary. This report, like the 2012 HMIC report 'A Step in the Right Direction', confirms that the police service is making progress in tackling anti-social behaviour and that there is more to do.

"The report highlights our own experience that some people are, or feel that they are, more at risk from the harms caused by anti-social behaviour. Police take a risk-based approach to dealing with crimes of this type, prioritising those most at harm. As this continues to be embedded across the service, forces will get better at identifying vulnerable victims and tailoring their response.

"The police service cannot solve anti-social behaviour on its own; over the past few years we have worked very closely with local councils, housing providers and communities to improve the way we all deal with anti-social behaviour and this work will continue."