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Watchdogs to be culled as 63 quangos are reduced to just 7

PUBLISHED March 18, 2005

Long-awaited plans to streamline the Government[base ']s multiple inspectorates and regulators in a [base "]bonfire of the quangos[per thou] were given substance by the Chancellor yesterday.

Over the next four years 31 of the existing 63 national regulators will be consolidated into seven bodies. These new super regulators will be an expanded health and safety executive; an expanded food standards agency; an expanded environment agency; a new consumer and trading standards agency; a new rural and countryside inspectorate; a new animal health inspectorate; and a new agricultural inspectorate.
Next week the Home Office will publish a consultation paper on merging the prisons, probation, police, Crown Prosecution Service and magistrates[base '] courts inspectorates into a [base "]justice and community safety inspectorate[per thou] by 2007.