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Training Officer’s Report 2017

PUBLISHED November 15, 2017

Report of training officer Diana Payne as presented at AGM 13/11/17
It is my pleasure to deliver my report to you as training officer for the Association for the training year 2016/17.
During the year, there has been a goodly amount of training delivered over a broad range of subjects.
What follows is something of a recitation but I make it in order to extend my thanks to those individuals involved and to remind you of what training opportunities have been available to you this year.
The training year began with Gemma Lindfield of 5 St. Andrew’s Hill presenting a webinar on extradition case preparation in the Magistrates Court and High Court. There followed that week a webinar by Paul Kelleher of 25 Bedford Row on sentencing.
2017 started with Helen Valley and Monica Stephenson of 25 Bedford Row lecturing on vulnerable witnesses.
February brought an evening with Brian Leveson which was arranged for members. That month also saw a meeting at the Law Society on the reforms proposed to litigation and advocacy fees.
In March, there was an event for members at the Law Society encouraging applications for judicial appointment.
Later that month, Bruce Reid gave a lecture on the art of mitigation.
In June Colin Wells of 25 Bedford Row and Rebecca Niblock of Kingsley Napley lectured upon abuse of process including within extradition.
The traditional summer lull was broken by Aisling Byrne of 25 Bedford Row lecturing on sexual offences.
The training year culminated in the European conference in Seville where Di Middleton QC of Garden Court chambers on the Saturday led her colleagues, Jo Cecil, Vicky Meads, Sam Parham and Alex Rose, in topics such as disclosure, appeals, Crown Court fees and trafficking and slavery.
It was lovely to welcome Garden Court to training with the LCCSA and our thanks go to them not only for an interesting and instructive morning of lectures but also for their sponsorship.
Sunday morning saw an old friend of the Association, Professor David Ormerod finding time in his already over committed weekend to fly in and deliver his ever-popular criminal update lecture.
Once again, a really enjoyable European conference. The learning was punctuated with the enjoyment of good food, the exploration of a beautiful city and much conviviality.
For those who have never attended a European conference, I do wholeheartedly recommend it as a most enjoyable way to spend a weekend both professionally and personally.
Therefore, I reiterate my thanks to all those involved in delivering training for the Association this year. I am sure you will agree that there has been much of interest on offer.
Coming up within the next few months are planned lectures Doughty Street on Travellers and their legal rights. There is also a fascinating lecture in the pipeline in association with Bindmans dealing with questions that we face from clients involving convictions, cautions and fingerprints etc.
There were just a few points I wished to bring to your attention as Training Officer and they involve what the Association can do for you.
I am just at the start of arranging next year’s training programme. Training can be very much led by yourselves and tailored to your requests.
The best training is that which is relevant for yourselves, therefore if you have an idea as to something you may wish to be lectured upon, then please do contact me. Similarly, if you think you may be in a position to deliver a lecture, again contact me.
The training is for the members and therefore initiative should come from the members.
The format of lectures has been adjusted somewhat by requests to involve an element of networking and to make it a more sociable evening. Please do therefore experience this if you have not already.
This has been the first training year that has fully embraced continuing competence. I therefore do not need to tell you that training these days comes in many guises.
Please therefore do look at the Association website which contains blogs, articles, the Tuesday Truth which all count as valid training. Similarly, the Association publication, The Advocate which is now published electronically qualifies as very valid training indeed under continuing competence. Likewise, the launch of the members’ email group which has proved so successful often has discussions ongoing which can keep you updated as to law and practice and which again counts as valid training.
Please do avail yourself of all these resources.
I conclude by making two especial thanks.
Firstly, to Hodge Jones and Allen who generously make available their premises to the Association for the purposes of training. It is much appreciated and a popular venue for attendance.
Lastly, my thanks are reserved for the Association’s administrator, Sara Boxer without whom no training would get off the ground and who is key to much else that makes the Association so effective. Perhaps you would join me in expressing your appreciation for all that she does.
Thank you for your support over the year and I look forward to seeing many of you again in our various training ventures during the forthcoming year.
Diana Payne, LCCSA Training Officer
13 November 2017
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