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Revealed: the vandal's motor of choice

PUBLISHED April 16, 2012

A list of the 10 cars most likely to be vandalised includes three BMWs, the Audi TT and the Range Rover. That figures; these are flashy, prestige cars, symbols of affluence that might cause resentment, especially after a couple. Who hasn't felt like running a key along the side of that Range Rover on the way home from the pub? I mean, I haven't obviously, but there aren't many of us, I don't think ?

But what do you think is No 1, the car most likely to be vandalised? Bentley? Lamborghini? No, the humble Fiat 500. Efficient, tiny, modest, humble; how can a baby Fiat possibly offend anyone?

Simples. It's also the cutest car on the road, and that's clearly what gets people's goat. It's about resentment through jealousy, the same reason the pretty girl gets picked on and bullied at school. The Fiat 500 is Samantha Brick on wheels. On second thoughts, I'll have them ? now she is Samantha on Bricks.