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National twitter event highlights the demands on policing due to alcohol

PUBLISHED May 26, 2013

Over 25 Forces joined together last night (Saturday 25th May) to tweet about the alcohol related incidents they face on a regular basis.

Using the hashtag #alcoholharm Forces from across the country tweeted together from Saturday evening overnight into the early hours of Sunday.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee is the ACPO lead for Alcohol Licensing and Harm Reduction and led the activity at Northamptonshire Police. He said:

"By using twitter to provide a live feed of policing activities I wanted to raise people's awareness of the types of incidents that police attend which are due to people who have drunk too much.

"The evening has highlighted the number of officers across the country who regularly attend incidents of anti-social behaviour and more serious crimes, all due to alcohol. The right question to ask is, is this the best use of our resources?

"I recognise that alcohol can be beneficial and enjoyable; however I do wonder if the time has come for us all to become less tolerant of people who do not take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing and health."?

Excessive drinking increases your likelihood of committing a crime or becoming a victim of one. Nearly 50 per cent of all violent crime is alcohol related; drink related anti-social behaviour is the most common form that people experience and offenders are thought to be under the influence of alcohol in nearly half of all incidents of domestic abuse.

Mr Lee added: "I am keen to highlight these issues for discussion and debate. It is really important that communities better understand, influence and help to create a safer drinking culture which will benefit us all."?

Tweets from the evening (@northantspolice):

officers speaking with small group in #northampton giving a section 27 to leave the area, one too drunk to stand #alcoholharm

One arrested for being drunk in a public place #alcoholharm probably not how he saw his evening ending...

Group of lads unhappy at being asked to leave a club in #northampton officers attending to prevent #alcoholharm

Man found worse for wear lying in a village street - #alcoholharm not just confined to our town centres

1 more in custody, a volatile female this time, she was running around a hotel reception in her nightware in a drunken state #alcoholharm

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