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Lord Lucan's son: 'I have not, to the best of my knowledge, seen my father since that night'

PUBLISHED March 6, 2012

George Bingham, the 8th Lord Lucan and son of the notorious earl who disappeared in 1974 today, confirmed to The Times that he was sent on a trip to Africa in the 1980s

In an email correspondence he said that he made a trip to Kenya, where it is claimed the missing Earl would see them while in hiding.

"The trip to Kenya was much later - I think nearer 1985. I was nearly 18. Both my sisters were present, as were two other families, neither of which had any connection to John Aspinall. The airline tickets, safari expenses and hotels, as regards myself, were paid for by my family trust. I think the safari probably did involve Treetops - they often do - but I'm not certain."

He said that 'to his knowledge' he didn't meet his father in person.

Richard John Bingham, the seventh Earl of Lucan, disappeared in the early hours of November 8 1974 following the murder of Sandra Rivett, his children's nanny. What happened to him next is one of Britain's biggest crime mysteries.

New claims emerged in February that Lucan was seen in the Cresta Botsalo Hotel in Botswana.

Engineers Lawrie Prebble and Ian Meyrick told the Sun they had seen him drinking beer in the hotel bar 12 years ago.

Mr Prebble, 71, told the newspaper: "There had been talk for weeks that Lucan was around - he had links to Botswana. The instant he walked in I said to myself, 'That's him.'

Earlier this year, a woman claimed she helped him set up a new life in Africa.

The revelations came from an assistant to Lucan's close friend John Aspinall, the multi-millionaire zoo and casino owner.

She claims that shortly after his disappearance in November 1974 she arranged for his children to fly out to see him and also help fund his new life.

Jill Findlay, whose name has been changed to protect her anonymity, told a BBC documentary that Lord Lucan was alive and living in Gabon, in west Africa, during the 70s and 80s.

She told the Inside Out programme how John Aspinall and Sir James Goldsmith instructed her to send Lord Lucan's two eldest children to Africa, in secret, on second passports in 1979 and 1980.