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'I hope Chelsea Manning gets the help she needs': Paris Lees, transgender former prisoner, on life inside

PUBLISHED August 23, 2013

It turns out that they do, in fact, send people like me to prison. My friends and family assured me this wasn't so during the terrifying months leading up to my trial for robbery. Today I'm a transgender woman, but back then I was seen as a dangly gay boy. I'd known I was a girl since I was four, if you'll excuse the cliche, but everyone told me I couldn't be, because of a pesky penis between my legs. Puberty hit and I assumed I was gay. I liked boys, so what else could I call myself? I used to wear makeup and "girls' clothes" (whatever that means) because it made me happy. I supposed I was one of those boys who enjoyed dressing up. There are plenty of them.

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