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'I admit – I knew about ?2.7m drugs in my van'

PUBLISHED August 4, 2006

A DRIVER who was caught transporting nearly ?3million of cannabis resin in the back of his van is facing a long jail sentence.

Roy Selby, 41, of Elm Row, Stockton, had initially told the courts that he had 'no idea' how the 1.2 tonnes of drugs got into his vehicle, after stunned police officers stopped his van near Ryton as part of a random stop and search exercise.

The accidental swoop was hailed as the biggest drug find ever by Rugby Police ? estimated to be around ?2.7million.

But now Selby has changed his plea to guilty to possessing the drugs and intent to supply it.

He originally told the courts that although he helped pack the van, he thought he was delivering furniture.

Judge Marten Coates said prison was inevitable.