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Get your candidate to pledge!

PUBLISHED April 23, 2015

The LCCSA have devised the Legal Aid Pledge as part of the Vote for Justice campaign, backed by the CLSA and supported by Rhona Friedman from Justice Alliance and Law Society Council member Joy Merriam.
The pledge is attached, and we want to get as many candidates as possible to sign, particularly in marginal constituencies.
We need your help!

  1. Please email the pledge to candidates in your constituency, asking them to sign.  We have developed a draft covering letter to assist -feel free to amend.  (Please remember to let us know if they do! - email
  2. If on Twitter, please tweet the candidates or just the fact that you have asked candidates to sign. Use #vote4Justice. Please RT any positive endorsements you see of other candidates who have signed, and tweet something positive for those that have.
  3. If possible, try and interest a journalist from local paper in the vote for justice campaign. Give them a quote and ask them to do a story about the local campaign, and which candidates are standing up for justice. Let us know if you would like a draft press release to send to the local paper.

We will compile a list of candidates who are supporting the Legal Aid pledge. In marginal wards we hope that we can use this positively to support those candidates, and alienate the others.