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Expanded Bar CM team setting up meetings with chambers

PUBLISHED November 2, 2012

02 November 2012

Expanded team taking responsibility for different circuits

Our expanded contract management team is setting up introductory meetings with chambers who have joined the Bar pilot group.

As reported in the last Advocates' Bulletin, there are now five contract managers responsible for different circuits in England and Wales.

And there are now around 250 chambers taking part in the pilot.

Raising issues with Bar Council

Chambers who aren't part of the pilot group, so don't yet have a designated contract manager, can raise issues by emailing the Bar Council (see 'further information' below).

These can then be discussed at our bi-monthly meetings with the Bar Council.

But if the matter is urgent, you can call the contract manager covering the circuit in which your chambers is based:

 Circuit  Contract Manager  Email  Telephone
 Midland  Henry Drake

 0121 232 5617
 Northen  Tracey Courtenay-Williams  07827 897 408
 North-Eastern  Tracey Courtenay-Williams  07827 897 408
South-Eastern Carl Batty
Paul Benjamin
Jenny Welch
 07764 900 347
0773 907 9153
07720 349 606
 Wales & Chester  Henry Drake

 0121 232 5617
 Western  Carl Batty
Paul Benjamin
 07764 900 347

The breakdown of responsibilities outlined above will be reviewed after the introductory meetings have finished.

Among the issues to be considered will be whether, for example, extra chambers can be added.

New area contract manager

Ellis Pinnell has recently been appointed as the area contract manager for the Bar. He will be taking over from Nicola Johanson who originally led the team working on the Bar pilot.

Further information

LSC website: Advocates' Bulletin

LSC website: Expansion of Bar pilot

Email: - for chambers outside pilot who want to raise issues at bi-monthly meetings between LSC and Bar Council.