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Asbo for boy, 11

PUBLISHED July 28, 2006

A Norfolk boy today became one of the youngest in the country to be made subject to an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo).

The youth was hauled before the courts following complaints from residents in King's Lynn over the last few months.

Caroline Bolton, prosecuting, told district judge Philip Browning sitting at Lynn magistrates court, immediate action had to be taken to protect the public from the boy - who was just 10 years old when he first received an interim Asbo earlier this year.

This order was revoked in June but renewed today after efforts to transform the youth's behaviour ended in failure.

Ms Bolton said: ?Every effort has been made to address his behaviour. There is a need to protect the public. This is a young man who needs to know the lines he mustn't cross.?

The court was told that the youth, who is now 11 and cannot be named for legal reasons, had been charged with theft from a car.

After the hearing, a resident who lives near him, said: ?We are just grateful the borough council and police have done something and taken notice of peoples' concerns.

?I think a lot of people here thought he was doing whatever he wanted. He had clearly got out of everybody's control.?

The youngster, who lives in Fairstead, joins two other Norfolk boys as some of the country's youngest Asbo kids.

Twin brothers Ben and Nathan Weeks, from Yarmouth, were made subject to Asbos in December 2004, also at the age of 10.

Gaywood South councillor Charles Joyce said tonight: ?There has been an increase in anti-social behaviour involving young people.

?I would have hoped the Asbo didn't happen in the first place but some young people have been abusive, throwing stones and swearing at people.

?It just wears people down, they think what the hell are they paying their taxes for.?

The boy has been banned from entering the grounds of Lynnsport in Lynn, and the Tesco supermarket and car park in Gaywood. He is also barred from going onto Saxon Way, Viking Way, Ladbroke Way and Wheelright Road in Fairstead.

District Judge Phillip Browning told the boy: ?You have been getting into trouble and you have been to court. I'm going to make an Asbo order until I hear the full case.

?We want to hear then that you have behaved yourself.?

The order lasts until August 9 - with the youngster due to appear before magistrates on August 7 for a full Asbo hearing.