The London Advocate

Advocate Issue 67

PUBLISHED January 5, 2012

Although best value tendering has been removed from the agenda for two years, with the introduction of ?Stop Delaying Justice!?, the quality assurance for advocates scheme and the prospect of the CPS going paperless in a tearing hurry, members have enough trouble on their minds as we enter the New Year.

This is perhaps a good moment to take the long view and to look back on how far the Association ? and the profession ? has come during the course of just one lifetime. In this issue, the Advocate profiles Vivien Symons, the LCCSA?s first female member, whose story shows how toughness and hard work can overcome the most daunting odds.

Vivien blazed a trail for future generations of women to enter the legal world ? as can be seen in this issue: editor and assistant editor are both women, as are the authors of our major articles: Vicky Kemp, who has risen to the top of academic law, points out  worrying trends in the take-up of legal advice in the police station; Mel Stooks describes the changes she has seen in her 16 years? work in the youth courts; and Barbara Hecht gives a snap-shot of a day in court which will be familiar to many of our readers. Add to this our book reviewer Yasmin Anwar and it is clear what a formidable group of women are connected with the LCCSA these days.

Not all our articles are by women. We have contributions from president, Jim Meyer, as well as committee member and book reviewer, Jonathan Black, and, of course, our popular regular contributor Bruce Reid, who says what many members are thinking about ?Stop delaying justice!?. These are three charming and accomplished males of the species, in whose company many of our female members would be only too contented.

Happy New Year!