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Acted for Ian Brady in prison application

PUBLISHED July 5, 2013

Monday 08 July 2013 by Jonathan Rayner

Who? Corinne Singer, 51, a mental health consultant at virtual national firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates (Scomo).

Why is she in the news? Acted for moors murderer Ian Brady in his application to be moved from Ashworth maximum security hospital back to prison.

Singer submitted that, because Brady is not benefiting from treatment, he no longer fulfils the legal criteria for detention in hospital. In fact, he has not received medical treatment for around 14 years. Three mental health experts have also visited and assessed Brady over the last 10 years and reported that he is not mentally ill.

However, Judge Robert K Atherton, sitting at a mental health tribunal convened in Ashworth Hospital, Liverpool, for eight days from 17 June, dismissed Brady's application. The judge said that Brady needed to receive medical treatment for his own health and safety, and to protect others.

Thoughts on the case: 'The legal arguments in Mr Brady's case were made against a background of popular opinion, as set out in the press, that if he wanted to be transferred to prison, he should not get his wish. We had the added complication of dealing with the requirements of a public hearing - proceedings were recorded and relayed to the civil justice centre in Manchester, where the public and media could attend.'

Dealing with the media: 'Mr Brady did not want me to communicate with the media, so I did not, despite many requests. I do not have a problem with the press reporting what they saw, save for the suggestion that my client's legal costs were about £250,000.

'The costs of myself, counsel and our experts will be a quarter of that, and of course were at controlled work rates, which averaged out at about £30.80 per hour.'

Why become a lawyer? 'One day I found myself in a laboratory making a polyester model of an aortic heart valve. I decided I would rather work with people.'

Career high: 'I got an injunction within 36 hours against the News of the World to stop it printing a piece about a sex offender client.'

Career low: 'The decimation of legal aid.'