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ACPO response to Home Office bulletin Drug Misuse Declared: Findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2011/12

PUBLISHED July 26, 2012

"I welcome the Home Office report which contains a number of interesting and reassuring facts on an important social issue.

"We know that drugs are accessible to those who wish to take them but, in spite of that fact, reported illegal drug use is at the lowest since 1996 and during the last year 91% of people chose not to take drugs. Drug use by young people continues to be higher than for the population generally but 80% of our young people chose not to take drugs.

"The report clearly shows that people who use drugs obtain them predominantly from family and friends rather than from street dealers or the internet. That reinforces the importance of a strong and consistent approach to education and prevention.

"Police and other enforcement agencies will continue to focus their efforts on tackling serious and organised crime and the trafficking of illegal drugs whilst at the same time addressing drug related anti-social behaviour at local level. We continue to be very much aware of the impact of drug related crime on victims.

"Regarding longer term solutions, we recognise the importance of local partnership working to provide effective treatment and thus to reduce reoffending. Police will continue to work closely with other agencies to reduce the harm that drugs cause within our local communities."