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24-year-old is first to be given drinking banning order

PUBLISHED December 7, 2009

A 24-year-old man has become the first person in England and Wales to be given a drinking banning order.

Ryan Kane has been banned from entering pubs and clubs in his home town of Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The order, passed at Banbury Magistrates' Court, also prohibits him from buying alcohol in off licences, being engaged in anti-social behaviour when drunk and having unsealed alcohol containers in any public place.

It is the first time a drinking banning order, nicknamed the drink Asbo, has been used since the scheme was introduced by the Home Office on September 1.

Home Office crime reduction minister Alan Campbell said: ''Tackling alcohol-related crime and disorder is one of our top priorities and I am delighted to see local authorities making full use of the tools and powers we have provided.

''These orders will not only stop the type of behaviour that disrupts communities and ruins lives, it will also force offenders to face up to their actions and change.''

Kane, of West Bar Street, Banbury, was given the two-year order by magistrates after repeatedly breaching a banning order imposed by members of the Banbury Pub Watch scheme.

Local licensees had banned him from entering their premises for more than three years because he had been harassing and intimidating staff and customers.

Thames Valley Police then took the decision to apply for the drinking banning order after Kane breached the Pub Watch order more than 40 times.

Pc Terry Paxton, anti-social behaviour co-ordinator with Thames Valley Police, said: ''Mr Kane has for a long time been causing a nuisance to landlords, pub staff and customers.

''This court order emphasises the importance of the Pub Watch scheme and shows they now have the power to take action.''

Kane is to be offered a place on a Home Office-approved course to help people with alcohol problems. If he completes it, he could have the length of the drinking banning order reduced.

Any breach of the order passed today would be regarded as a criminal offence, Thames Valley Police said.