Legal Aid

Submitting claims on Very High Cost Cases

PUBLISHED August 30, 2012

30 August 2012

New templates introduced to allow for swifter processing of claims

At the end of May the Complex Crime Unit (CCU) introduced new task list templates to be used for submitting claims on all Very High Cost Case (VHCC) stages beginning on or after 1 June 2012.

They have been introduced to:

  • reduce the number of different templates, 
  • to streamline the audit process which will allow for a swifter processing of claims;
  • and to ensure a high level of financial stewardship of public funds. 

The templates have been formatted to limit certain entries and they should not be altered or amended.. The use of the new templates is mandatory and claims that are received on incorrect or incomplete forms will be returned

There are separate pre-contract summary forms and a task list templates for solicitors and self employed advocates plus a guidance document to help you complete them.

The templates will be sent out by VHCC Contract Managers at the at beginning of the case on all new VHCC's or at the start of the next stage commencing on or after the 1 June on existing VHCC's.

If you require the new forms but are yet to receive them please contact your VHCC Contract Manager or email

The task list template for self employed advocates also contains a work log template. While optional it's use would help our Contract Support Officers in quickly and accurately auditing claims.