Legal Aid

Receiving evidence by secure email

PUBLISHED April 11, 2012

11 April 2012

National Defence Steering Group clarifies consent issue

The National Defence Steering Group is making progress in addressing questions and concerns defence providers have about the Criminal Justice System Efficiency Programme.  

The following statement has been issued to clarify the position on the use of Secure eMail.

'Many practitioners have already signed up to the use of Secure email. However, it is appreciated that more practitioners want to try using Secure eMail but may be discouraged from doing so if registration is taken as consent to receipt of service of all digital evidence.

'The CPS recognises this concern and has therefore agreed that, where defence practitioners have a Secure eMail address, the CPS will only deem formal service by the use of that Secure eMail address having first obtained the address holder's written consent.'

More information

The 'transforming justice' pages of the Justice website contain FAQs.  These cover questions around cost, signing up, usage, technical issues and training/guidance.