PUBLISHED June 2, 2016

Following recent correspondence between Paul Harris, on behalf of the defence community and Alison Saunders, we at the CLSA and the LCCSA are doing our best to ensure that we engage directly with the Crown Prosecution Service in an effort to address the issues directly affecting practitioners.
There are regular meetings held in London, at which both associations are represented.
At the most recent meeting a number of issues were raised directly including the failure to serve IDPC in advance of the first hearing.
Paul Harris is also ensuring that the Senior Judiciary are made aware of such difficulties at the Criminal Procedure Rules Committee Meetings.
The CPS have been made aware of our concerns and we have been asked if we can send examples of the failure to provide any IDPC, despite requests from solicitors, to as he is working on the ‘digital’ project.
We would also encourage you to report any difficulties that you are experiencing with the CPS and BCM directly to us so that we can address these issues on your behalf either at meetings or via written correspondence.
We have set up a designated email address for any member who wishes to report problems or concerns
We would be grateful if members could please use the following when emailing:

Name of Court:
Date of hearing:
Anticipated plea on MG5:
Whether NG account/prep s/ment given in i/v:
Whether IDPC requested by email in advance:
Whether IDPC received by email in advance:
Whether any statements/exhibits actually served with IDPC:
Any other issues with IDPC:
Any other issues with CPS engagement:
Any lack of CPS service of evidence before the PTPH:
Any other issues before the PTPH:

Greg Foxsmith
LCCSA President