PGs statement on unused questionnaire_FINAL

In July 2012 we watched Danny Boyle’s spectacular Olympic opening ceremony, the nation cheered during the tribute to the NHS. We all brimmed with pride. Almost Every person sitting at home had been either born in an NHS hospital, or knew someone whose life had been saved by the NHS, or at least had accessed [...]

The London Advocate July 2019 final


Please find attached a document outlining the proposal for a new approach to CC listings at Harrow and Isleworth.   ICC – Listing Trials at Harrow and Isleworth – Proposal for information 15.05.19

Greg Powell outlines a brief history of legal aid and concludes that the complete absence of a commitment to restore funding levels and the absence of vision are depressing. There is little to indicate that the trajectory of the history of Legal Aid will change. Rather that the reality that will emerge will remain one [...]


Please find attached the LCCSA’s response to the public consultation on Mental Health Conditions and Disorders: Draft Legal Guidance. RESPONSE TO CPS GUIDANCE ON MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS    

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