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Hillsborough lawyer: Why should the families have to pay for justice?

PUBLISHED September 13, 2012

The report by the Hillsborough Independent Panel, published on Wednesday, revealed a litany of police cover-ups in the wake of the horrific crush caused by overcrowding at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Prime Minister David Cameron's public apology to the families of the victims on Wednesday has done little to halt the growing calls for a fresh inquest and possible criminal charges brought against those responsible.

The hard-hitting report said more than 100 statements taken at the time had been doctored to remove evidence that portrayed the police in a negative light. It also disclosed a campaign by the authorities to blame Liverpool fans for the disaster.

The lawyer for the Hillsborough Family Support Group Mr Saunders said he was looking to hold the police accountable.

"Everybody who has touched this case for 23 years until Andy Burnham asked the Bishop of Liverpool to have a look at it has managed to avoid the interests of justice. It's quite extraordinary. This is going to be looked at very carefully with the view to those who have done wrong being made accountable."

He also rejected the idea that the family should have to bring a private prosecution.

"David Cameron has conceded that the state has let these people down and I take the view that it is the state to do the prosecuting. They have the resources. Why should these people have to pay for justice?"