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ACPO publishes review of integrity standards in policing

PUBLISHED January 22, 2013

The review of integrity practices across the service was conducted by Transparency International, an anti-corruption organisation with extensive experience in reviewing policies and practices relating to organisational integrity across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

The Transparency International review outlines 8 recommendations for ACPO, with the core finding for the leadership of the service to ensure that common standards of integrity are robust, clear, consistent and embedded across all forces.

ACPO lead on professional standards Chief Constable Michael Cunningham, who commissioned the review, said:

"Public trust and confidence in the police are absolutely central to Britain's model of policing by consent and as a service we welcome scrutiny and are committed to transparency. When mistakes are made or police officers fail against the high standards we demand of them, we understand the damage that can be done to public trust in policing.

"It is vital we robustly investigate and respond to any such issues in order to help restore public confidence. This report underpins the importance of accountability and consistency in our approach and highlights the steps already taken by the service to embed good integrity practices.

"As the report indicates, the service needs to become more proactive in its approach. The fundamental role of the police remains one of public service and to discharge that role effectively the police should be perceived as a bulwark for integrity in society."