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ACPO comment on Operation Nutmeg

PUBLISHED January 16, 2013

ACPO lead on the DNA database, Amanda Cooper said

"Police forces across the country are working to ensure that individuals convicted of the most serious offences have their DNA samples loaded and cross checked on the national DNA database. A 12-month programme of work, Operation Nutmeg, commenced in September to ensure that the national DNA database comprehensively covers all individuals convicted of serious sex offences or homicide.

"The sampling specifically targets those who have served their time for those serious offences and are back in the community but have not had a DNA sample loaded onto the database since it was created in 1995.

"As part of the guidance issued to forces it was highlighted that individuals convicted of certain sexual offences under section 12 and 13 of the Sexual Offences Act 1956 should not have a DNA sample taken on the grounds of a sole conviction. Operation Nutmeg guidance issued to forces by ACPO also explains that prior to making a decision to request a DNA sample or not, forces should undertake their own risk assessment on each named subject.

"ACPO has reiterated this point to all forces.

"Separately, ACPO Criminal Records Office is already working to facilitate amending police records for people who the Home Secretary decides should no longer have a record kept for historic offences which have been disregarded under the Protection of Freedoms Act."