PUBLISHED September 13, 2018

Please respond to any of the below on which you feel strongly and have a good story to tell. 
Complete the attached form and then please send your video clip, or your audio clip and a photo to solicitorsvoices@lccsa.org.uk.
Please keep your contribution to under 90 seconds. We know 90 seconds isn’t long, but please try to stick to this.  We are looking for contributions which can be included on the new website, within the twitter campaign and within the film.  So short is very, very, sweet. As lawyers, though we love to talk, we should also be able to be very, very, succinct.
Please don’t forget the ‘LCCSA-Romans’ question at the end. We need to celebrate ourselves a little here.
We will send out contributions using additional hashtags to allow conversations (hopefully) to develop on twitter.

  1. What’s your response to the question asked of every Defence Lawyer “How do you represent someone who you know is guilty?”           #TheUltimateQuestion


  1. Have you ever prevented a miscarriage of justice?    #FightingInjustice


  1. What are the best or worst changes you have witnessed to the Criminal Justice System?                                                       #ChangeForTheBetter?


  1. Who has mentored or inspired your career in Criminal Law?           #InspiringLawyers


  1. What do you most love/hate about your job as a Criminal Lawyer?                                                                                                                                                          #Love&Hate


  1. How is prejudice impacting upon the CJS today?     #EqualityBeforeTheLaw?


  1. How do you think the profession has changed during your career?                                                                                                                                            #ChangingProfession


  1. When has the exercise of power by the state most alarmed you in your career?                                                                                                                 #FightingAbuseOfPower


  1. What aspect of your job is least recognised or understood by others?           #MoreToIt


  1. What is the most bizarre decision that you have encountered in your career?                                                                                                                                     #JusticeDenied


  1. What was the most rewarding moment of your career?         #ProudLawyer


  1. If #thelawisbroken how would you fix it?                            #TheLawIsBroken


  1. Who are our clients?                                         #CouldItBeYou?

 14. What has the LCCSA ever done for me/us?                             #LCCSA/Romans

  1. Does the Legal Aid system provide reasonable and fair reward for the work actually done?                       NotAllFatCats


Send us an audio file, or a written reply - and a picture


  • Read the themes/topics     70THEMES Choose those where you have a good answer or story to tell
  • Ideally: record your contribution on your phone using the “voice memo” app. Recordings should be kept to the minimum possible, ideally under 90 seconds. Do it now. ASAP. Until we receive enough contributions on one topic we cannot launch the campaign. Send us your recording as an audio file, and a picture. Most of you will have a Voice/Record app of some sort on your phone – or a colleague will.
  • If you do not want to record your story perhaps ask a colleague to read your contribution for Alternatively, you could send a written reply. If we select your contribution to be tweeted as part of the campaign, we will then ask someone else to read on your behalf.
  • Finally, please also complete and return the very brief attached form. Sending in your contribution confirms your agreement to its publication on twitter, the LCCSA website and in the LCCSA@70 film.

70THEMES Please send written or audio contributions to the following email address: admin@lccsa.org.uk using the title #lccsa70 and if possible the theme hashtag (see below – it is easy) - and note our key requests:

  • please keep this among LCCSA members
  • please don't start social media discussions about our topics/themes before the tweets/audio files are released each week. We don't want the issue being done to death on social media by others before we get going.
  • do this now. Don’t leave it too late for us to make use of the contributions