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Work in prisons showcased in new documentary

PUBLISHED June 26, 2012

The Government?s rehabilitation revolution will be the focus of a prime time documentary tonight as filmmakers go behind the scenes at Brixton prison. 

Gordon Behind Bars looks at the creation of a 'Bad Boys' Bakery' inside Brixton prison. The scheme engages prisoners in real work ? baking cakes for local cafes ? while teaching them the value of hard work, rather than the idleness and boredom many have grown used to.  

While challenging, schemes like this mean prisoners use their time in custody constructively. They also mean they are also far more likely to get a job on release, which in turn makes them less likely to reoffend. The money prisoners earn on such schemes is being used to fund vital victims' services, removing the burden from taxpayers.

That is exactly why the Government has launched a new programme focused on bringing major employers such as DHL and Timpsons into prisons, called One3One Solutions.
Speaking on the launch of One3One, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said:

'Getting somebody into a steady job upon release from prison is one of the most successful ways of getting them to stop reoffending.

'With support from organisations like Timpson we can make a real difference to the lives of prisoners and their families and above all, a reduction in the victims of crime.'

The scheme is already seeing a number of successes, including:

  • Over 500 prisoners working in printing workshops in prisons across England and Wales
  • Prisoners training in shoe and jewellery repair in Timpson?s Academies at prisons in Wandsworth, Liverpool, Blantyre House and Forest Bank
  • 16 double glazing workshops established, offering 614 prisoners constructive work opportunities.

Gordon Behind Bars starts on Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 4.

For more information visit One3One Solutions.