Legal Aid

Virtual court start times

PUBLISHED August 2, 2012

02 August 2012

Late attendance, both at court and at the police station, can affect the running of virtual courts

Virtual courts generally begin at the same time as any other court.  However, enough time needs to factored in.  For instance:

  • when operating from the police station, please allow plenty of time to get into the custody suite; and
  • when operating from the court, please allow enough time to conduct a conference through a video link to the police station - this may take longer than if the client were in the courtroom.

Prompt attendance, that considers the above, will help prevent delays occurring in the day's list, benefitting all court users.

Using video technology

Virtual courts and live links are operational in London, Kent, Cheshire and Hertfordshire. 

Video technology is, for some cases, already providing a better alternative to defendants, police, witnesses and victims physically having to attend court buildings.

Video links from police station to court, prison to court or even local community centre to court can benefit witnesses, save police time and reduce the risk of escape.