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Myra Hindley: a new chapter

PUBLISHED June 19, 2012

She thinks that, for her, the fascination may have started long ago, when she was a small child, and another Scottish serial killer was on the prowl. Peter Manuel, born in New York, settled in Lanarkshire with his Scottish parents when he was five. By the time Jean Rafferty herself was five, Manuel's killing spree ? he was convicted of killing nine people between 1956 and his arrest in January 1958 ? was probably already under way. "We lived three floors up in a corporation flat in Glasgow [not near Manuel's Uddingston stomping ground at all], but my father was quite a nervous man and he was bizarrely anxious about it. The idea that Manuel got into people's houses when they were sleeping ? that really stuck with me, and I don't know whether I remember this from then or later, he ... In one of the homes, he ate pineapple chunks out of a tin and smoked a cigarette."

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