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Greek police plan to excavate building site in hunt for missing toddler Ben Needham

PUBLISHED May 24, 2012

Greek detectives suspect Needham, aged 21 months when he disappeared from his grandparents' villa, may have been accidently buried by earth-moving equipment after wandering onto a nearby building site where tons of soil and rubble was being moved.

They intend to excavate an earth mound and would like British police to supply ground scanning equipment capable of detecting human bones, it was reported.

The boy's mother, Kerry Needham, who was 19 when the child disappeared on July 24, 1991, believes her son was abducted.

An investigation into the disappearance was relaunched last year and officers from South Yorkshire police have visited the island.

Kos Police Colonel Sentonas St Stergos said: "We have more information that has come to us since the investigaiton was re-opened last September when Ben's mum Kerry came here with his grandparents.

"That is what we are looking into. For many years now the same leads have been looked at again and again.

"There have been too many theories. More than anything we want to help bring this nightmare to an end for Ben's parents. They have to know what happened to him."

A spokesman for South Yorkshire police said it was "undertaking a review" of the Greek investigation.

"We will seek to identify any further lines of inquiry that may assist in the search to locate Ben.

"We will support the Greek authorities in any line of inquiry they wish to pursue based on the evidence presented to them."

There have been more than 300 false sightings of Ben in Greece and across Europe.