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Correction on census convictions printed in the Guardian

PUBLISHED February 1, 2012

The following was printed in the Guardian on Tuesday 31 January 2012. ? A story reported that the Office for National Statistics had, to date, passed to the Crown Prosecution Service 369 cases where people failed to fill out the 2011 census form; of the 157 resulting prosecutions to reach court, 120 ended in convictions. The story added: "While some may have forgotten [to fill in the form] others see themselves as conscientious objectors." The CPS has asked us to make clear that conviction of a person who forgot to complete the form is improbable, because at least three further chances to complete are offered to those facing a possible charge ? first during the investigation by the ONS, again when a summons is issued, and finally at court before their case goes ahead (120 convicted for failing to fill in census, 28 January, page 16).