Criminal Judicial Review Webinar

02/07/2014 16:30 - 17:30 N/A

This webinar we will cover (i) how to get funding and obtain permission and (ii) commonly occurring areas of review in the police station and Magistrates' Courts. It will include: new changes to legal aid, recent case law on challenging police cautions and adjournments. It will assist someone new to the field and help those already familiar get up to speed on recent changes.

Piers von Berg and Saoirse Townshend are barristers at 36 Bedford Row. They are contributors to Criminal Judicial Review, Hart Publishing, forthcoming, September 2014. Piers specialises in administrative law with a particular interest in the rights of young persons. Saoirse specialises in extradition law, appearing regularly in the Administrative Court, and she has an extensive background in public law.