Criminal Evidence Webinar

04/06/2014 16:30 - 17:30 N/A

The presentation will provide an update on recent developments on the law of evidence, focusing in particular on developments in hearsay and bad character under the Criminal Justice Act 2003. Specific issues to be addressed include:

The correct approach to hearsay admissibility -applying Riat (2012)
The admissibility of evidence from frightened witnesses
Hearsay and the admissibility of information from the PNC
The boundaries of bad character evidence admitted as background evidence
Bad character, section 101 (1)(d), gangs and social media posts
Restrictions on cross examination of complainants and other witnesses.
David Ormerod is the Criminal Law Commissioner for England & Wales. He is seconded from his post as Professor of Criminal Justice at Queen Mary College, University of London. He is a Barrister and a Bencher of Middle Temple. His recent publications include Smith and Hogan, Criminal Law (13th ed 2011). He is General Editor of Blackstone’s Criminal Practice; Halsbury’s Laws of England on Criminal Procedure and The Criminal Law Review. He writes and lectures regularly for the Judicial College in England & Wales and for the legal profession.