Confiscation Webinar

24/09/2014 16:30 - 17:30 N/A

Presented by Nadia Ryman

The webinar will concentrate on new developments in the area of confiscation that have been recently decided in the Supreme Court:

Eastenders Cash and Carry [2014]UKSC 36- dealing with the appointment of a receiver, who should pay its costs when the POCA should not have been made in the first place?
How the effect of A1P1 was applied by the Supreme Court
R v Ahmad and R v Fields which deals with the area of apportionment
Good practise for joint enterprise cases in preparing for confiscation
Nadia is a Solicitor-Advocate and a recognised expert in relation to all Confiscation and Restraint matters. Nadia’s exceptional knowledge, excellent client care and outstanding results are acknowledged within the legal profession and one of her cases R v R is referred to within ‘The Confiscation Law Handbook’ [Bloomsbury Professional 2011].

Complex matters dealt with by Nadia include Confiscation and Restraint matters that arise from a vast majority of criminal proceedings, Enforcement matters (where original Confiscation Order has not been paid), dealing with matters in connection with Extension of Time in which to pay the Confiscation Order (s.11 poca 2002), Variation of Confiscation Orders (s. 23 poca 2002), Uplifts of Confiscation / Revaluations (s22 poca), (where the Prosecution claims to have discovered further funds to Confiscate), VHCC matters, Restraint Proceedings, Serious Crime Prevention Orders and Financial Reporting Orders.