Case Management Hearings in the Magistrates Court Webinar

10/09/2014 16:30 - 17:30 N/A

This webinar is intended to provide a base for the second lecture on Magistrates Court Disclosure Review. That Review is intended to shake up Case Management and provide even more efficiency. It will deal with how to satisfy the present requirements of the court whilst ensuring that the CPS are put to proof of the case and that your client is not forced into inadvertent admissions that may cripple your case at trial. It is easy to ruin a good Defence with a couple of misplaced ticks! Learn where not to put them!

Presenter Bruce Reid has been a Magistrates Court advocate all his professional life and has made over 38,000 appearances there. A proud upholder of the tradition that the Crown has to prove its case, he views any move to detract from this idea as new-fangled nonsense to be stoutly resisted.

He is a Consultant to Steel and Shamash and conducts his own Freelance Agency practice at Camberwell Green daily. He writes the back page column of the London Advocate.