Data Sharing Agreement

Data Sharing Agreement for the sharing and disclosure of information between London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association (LCCSA) and The Lord Chancellor acting through Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS)

Personal data to be shared by the LCCSA

The information to be shared
1. Name of User
2. Date of birth
3. Valid to date
4. Photograph
5. Assigned QR code

How it will be shared
Data transfer via LCCSA, to Smart Citizen (a third party supplier contracted by HMCTS)

What it will be used for
Provision of the Courts Professional Access Scheme

When will it be shared
Changes to the data will be made on a rolling basis as members of the scheme renew annually and ad hoc to remove members no longer eligible.

Disposal period
Disposal period for data held by Smart Citizen: 4 years plus 1 year (records will expire after four years but there will be a one year grace period for a person to renew their membership before their data is removed)

Disposal period for data held on the devices: data will be removed when the expiry date for the record is reached (there will be no grace ‘renewal period’ on the devices). Also as data / records disappear from the central database, they will also be removed from the phone databases, as and when each device connects.