The London Criminal Courts Solicitors' Association was founded in 1948 to represent criminal law solicitors throughout the Greater London area. Since then, our membership has increased to over 1,000 in number, including prosecutors and self-employed advocates. Honorary Members (who are past Members of the Association) include Circuit Judges and District Judges.

We are asked to respond to every significant consultation paper affecting criminal lawyers and lobby committees and government bodies on behalf of our members.

Our activities include: -

  • Consulting with the Legal Services Commission, Law Society, Government, Courts, and Police on any matter that may affect criminal lawyers;
  • Lobbying politicians and media by attending meetings, conferences and functions;
  • Providing criminal lawyers with the latest developments in legislation, case law and professional development.

So, what are the Benefits of Joining?

By becoming a member of the association today, you will: -

  • Help us to influence the Legal Services Commission and the Government on issues that affect you;
  • Receive regular email alerts notifying you of the latest news and developments;
  • Receive the quarterly LCCSA newsletter, "The Advocate";
  • Become eligible for discounted rates for our training seminars;
  • Increase your profile by being listed on the website (the site receives over 2,000 unique visits a month);
  • Benefit from networking opportunities by attending events organised by the LCCSA.

How much does it cost and what do you need to do?

  • The subscription for Full Membership is £75 per annum.  To be eligible you must be a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, enrolled and practising;
  • Associate Membership is £50 per annum.  To be eligible you must be a fee earner working within the field of criminal law. Associate members are entitled to attend any general meeting of the Association but not vote.

The membership year runs from the 1st November to 31st October.

Apply now to become a full member

If you are not an admitted solicitor then don't worry, you can join as an Associate Member!  The online application page will be published shortly, but in the meantime you can download an application form (this can also be used for those of you who wish to become full members but do not want to pay online).  Once completed send it to the Association's administrator, Sara Boxer, 29 Church Vale, London, N2 9PB.  Following admission Sara will send you an invoice and the first annual subscription shall be payable within 14 days after admission and all subsequent annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance on 1st November each year.

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