• 08/06/2016
    18:00 - 19:30

This lecture is aimed at the newer advocate who is aghast at the prospect of a heavy bail application for a villain who expects his liberty as a matter of course but declines to provide any instructions or indeed the hopeless addict who can whinge for England but somehow never seems to make it to the Probation Office. It will provide help those who are Duty Solicitors who find it daunting to cope with a number of clients with a start from scratch. It will also suit older hacks who need a few CPD points.

It will deal with a general structured approach to remand advocacy and then specifically with bail applications. A second lecture will deal with mitigation.

A basic knowledge of the Bail Act will be assumed, the lecture will concentrate on the practicalities, not the law.

Event Location


180 North Gower Street
United Kingdom

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