The Executive officer is appointed by the committee and is an officer. He reports monthly to the committee and presents an annual report to the Annual general meeting. His/her role is to keep the President & committee appraised of all developments as regard criminal contracting and new legislation, and assist in ensuring that all consultation papers published by the LCCSA are forwarded to the appropriate interested parties & people of influence.

The Executive officer keeps abreast of developments with the Law Society, LAA, and organisations that effect the way in which Criminal Solicitors in London are able to practice. (S)he develops and oversee appropriate publicity through effective relationships with the media, other criminal organisations and public speaking alongside the President, and develops good relations with organisations, including Local Councillors, MPs, local/national Government Officers, Legal Services Commission and the Law Society.

Alongside the Treasurer, the Executive officer provides a monthly report as regard any funds that have been earmarked for campaigning/issues that effect the membership.

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